Plants are magic.
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About Flower Essences


About Flower Essences

Something primal, visceral, and wild in you knows the truth of your inherent connection, feels the wisdom of the ancients, and calls you home to deep belonging. In this age of rampant amnesia, plant beings show us where to begin the profound task of weaving ourselves back into alignment with the collective story of a harmonious, thriving future.

Flower essences are safe, effective remedies that work with your frequency and help you to re-align with your original soul intent in powerful and beautiful ways. They are created with integrity in sacred space, and they work by adjusting the watery imprints of your physical and psycho-spiritual being.

Since our water body connects and contains emotional patterns, flower essences specialize in releasing and re-setting trauma patterns from the inside out.

We humbly invite you on this journey with us. Discover the magic of plants for yourself. Visit our shop here.

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