Plants are magic.



Enchanted by nature

Eila Carrico is a Celtic priestess, author, herbalist and flower essence practitioner. Her work and counsel sessions are a celebration of wild nature and cultures that has the power to awaken a felt sense of our collective human story as deeply embedded in the natural world. She grew up in rural central Florida, and was inspired by her studies in journalism, anthropology and religion to travel around the world and teach in Paris, Ghana, Thailand and India before settling in Colombia in 2017. Eila’s life has been shifted by a profound connection with nature spirits and plants, and is honored to act as ambassador between humans and nature for mutual thriving.

Eila evokes her powerful love of archetypal and somatic psychology, dream medicine, mythology, deep ecology, and practices in indigenous earth wisdom traditions into powerful, embodied explorations that are wild water for a parched soul. Her offerings are designed to invite humanity back into a felt sense of inherent connection and dynamic relationship with the pulsing web of life.

She spent the first decade of her professional life as a seeker and student, gathering understanding of the Elements from Chinese Medicine (MSTCM), exploring myths and archetypal forces in the human psyche in Engaged World Psychology (MA), and refining her ability to articulate the ineffable experience of embodiment in Creative Writing and Consciousness (MFA). She completed her first book, The Other Side of the River: Stories of Women, Water and the World, in 2015 (Womancraft Publishing), and continues to work on her upcoming titles. Visit her sister site,, for more on her writings.